Time Out

As a kid, to be put in time out was punishment.  It meant you needed time to consider what you had said or done.  It was a space to get yourself together and think about the reason you were there in the first place.  It could be torture for some.  For a parent or caregiver, it was a moment to separate the chaos to try and get some sort of handle on things.  It could be challenging.  But ultimately it was designed to help regroup and get things back on track.  

As adults, we really need to take a childhood punishment and turn it into a mandatory treatment for ourselves.  What might it mean if we actually put ourselves in time out occasionally?  Could it help to have a few moments to regroup?  Could we find benefit from sitting alone to gather our thoughts?  Might we make better decisions and react differently if we simply had a little time to breathe?

Jesus seemed to take time outs.  It wasn’t a punishment, but rather a reward.  It was a gift to allow him time to pray and prepare for what was ahead.  He received direction and insight when he took time alone.  It could do the same for us.  

Today, put yourself in time out.  You may remember, it isn’t designed to last all day.  It is a few moments to regain composure, reassess the situation, and move forward with a clearer direction.  Enjoy a time out today.

Matthew 14:13

13 Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself.


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