What Are You Looking For? (Blog 5 of the Series)

Be is struggling.  He has been wondering where God is in his life.  Over the last few weeks, he has searched for what is next.  It wasn’t long ago that he lost his job.  His marriage ended a year ago because he spent more time working than he did taking care of his wife.  She took the kids and although it hurt, it allowed him to focus on work…it was, after all, where he found his purpose and where he felt he mattered.  Now all is lost.  It is all gone.  He has money in the bank and he will be fine financially.  There are other prospects.  His position being eliminated did not stop him from having other places to go work. But it did remind him that he was not nearly as important as he thought he was.  He is not nearly as valuable as he conceived in his mind.  Here he is…no family, no job, no purpose.  And so today, he decides to step into a sanctuary.  It really wasn’t intentional.  It came as an idea in the middle of the night.

Be grew up going to church as a child.  He knew the Bible stories.  He remembered the power of stepping into the sanctuary, a Holy place.  He wanted that feeling again.  It had been too many years, but what other option did he have?  And what could it hurt…to just step in one more time…to wade in the waters?  So, he enters the church…

It is interesting that Be is not considering the coffee or donuts, although they may be an added bonus.  He isn’t thinking about who is there or what the demographic of the church might be.  He doesn’t care if there are fresh flowers on the altar or if the carpet is purple.  Be wants to be in the presence of God.  He has had enough of the world and its disappointments.  He has struggled enough with stress and competition.  He walked into the sanctuary to be with God.

Here is what Be doesn’t care about…he doesn’t care what the average attendance is for the church…he doesn’t care how this church compares to the church down the street (he could have gone there if he wanted, but he didn’t)…he doesn’t care about who doesn’t like who or who doesn’t get along with someone else…he doesn’t want to hear gossip and he doesn’t want to be asked why he is there…he doesn’t want to feel like a stranger but knows he doesn’t quite fit in yet.

What Be cares about…is God there.  Yep, that’s it.  He could give to his favorite cause without coming into the church.  He could have socialized with neighbors without ever stepping foot in the sanctuary.  He could have heard about the comparison in churches by sitting at the diner on Sunday after church.  All else fades away when one is welcomed into the presence of the Almighty.  He simply wants to meet God.  What would Be find in our churches today?



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