I saw you…

To my Dad…

I saw you the other day at a funeral.  It was just a glimpse, barely caught your image as you walked by.  It took my breath for just a moment.  I wondered if I could continue with what I was saying…would the words continue to come without being able to take the next breath?  Your presence was felt, known, experienced.  It was as I feel the hot summer breeze…not really seeing but feeling the presence.  It is the first time in the last 3 years I have caught that glimpse.  It was not scary…but comforting.  It was right where I would expect to find you…at a graveside service.  Not because it happens to be the same cemetery that your body was laid to rest…but because it is a place you spent many hours providing words of comfort…stories of joy…love for a hurting family.  It was the place you have stood so many times and proclaimed the good news of God even as your time was drawing shorter.  It was the place you found yourself at home…doing what you loved…giving of yourself for others.  I am thankful for your passion that you lived out on those plots of land where so many loved ones find their final resting place.  I am grateful that you taught me that this is not a place of despair, but a place of hope.  It is a place where tears are shed but peace abounds…a place where families say “goodbye” and God says “welcome home.”  I do not step on those grounds without thinking of you and all you meant to so many when you walked those very same steps.  We carry on…but your presence is missed.  So today, I am thankful for just a glimpse of you.  I’m so glad I saw you at a funeral the other day.


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