What might THAT look like? An invitation to join the journey…

“What might it look like…”  It is a question that both challenges and scares me.  I am excited and hesitant to ask…to explore…to find out more…to learn and to grow.  Yet, to ask the question pushes my limits and the limits of those I come in contact with on a regular basis.  It all began a few months ago…

Wendy returned from a short term mission trip.  She was sharing with me some of the activities she had participated and helped to facilitate.  I was intrigued.  For the first time that I can remember in her sharing about a mission, I thought about what I may be missing in my own life as a follower of Jesus.  I thought of what I am missing as a worshiper of God.  I considered what I wasn’t understanding as a part of a community of faith.  And then it hit me.  The question hit me hard.  So I asked Wendy the question… “What might the church look like if we really meant ‘All Are Welcome’?” What does that even mean and and what does THAT church look like…the all really are welcome type of church?  I have pondered and meditated…I have asked and interviewed…I have struggled and prayed.

In the meantime, I have been pushed outside of my normal comfort zone…seeking what it may mean to reach those around me in need…trying desperately to hear what God is trying to teach me…anxiously awaiting what the next step in this journey may look like.  Today, it seems another piece of the puzzle potentially came together.  I was talking with my friend Joy and mentioned this question to her…and her immediate response was – you should write a blog series about this.  I thought it was an interesting idea but wasn’t sure what that might look like or what purpose it might serve.  But the more I have considered it, the more I am intrigued.  So, I am moving forward.

In the next few weeks, I will explore what this means to me…how I see it…what I think I have been missing and what I see others may be missing.  Each week, I hope you will consider, ask questions, and wrestle with this alongside of me…joining me on the journey.  I hope this series will expand our minds, hearts, and bodies to become more.  I pray this challenges and pushes in new ways to love like never before.

As a disclaimer, I am a minister and this is not written about the church I serve nor any church I have served or have been a part.  This is written about church…the community of believers as I have experienced in the rural South.  This is not to put anyone down or vilify any person or group.  If in the comments, there are words of hate or any hint at that, those comments will be deleted.  This is to encourage, challenge and move us, as God’s people, forward.

I don’t know how or where this will take us…but I hope you will join me on the journey…YOU ARE WELCOME…



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