The Creative – Devotion 165

Can we ever become too practical?  Could it be we become so driven by accomplishments and outcomes that we forget the joy of the process?  Is it possible to forget so many lessons are learned on the journey?  If we are only thinking about the goal and getting it right, are we missing the point?  

I love to be creative.  I enjoy writing and drawing, cooking and recreating.  It sparks something inside of me.  It allows me to explore a different part of myself.  In my work life, it is about numbers and processes.  I am fairly good at these things.  I appreciate knowing that something went well or that a process helped to get to the end goal.  I don’t mind reviewing numbers to make sure everything matches up.  But it doesn’t allow for a considerable amount of creativity.  I only get the opportunity to become creative on a few small areas of an overall project.  So I find I lose the initiative to create.  I seem to let that part of me fall to the side in an effort to accomplish. 

I think that when we do this, we lose a part of ourselves.  We lose the joyful, playful, fun part of life.  When we allow ourselves to create, we experience something deep inside which brings back the child in us.  We don’t have to get it right.  It doesn’t need to be pretty or perfect.  It is simply about creating, no matter the outcome.  It could be drawing a funny picture or cooking and decorating a cake.  It could be building an end table or planting a new flower garden.  Creativity opens up a world within us which shows us possibilities are endless and fun.  We are often able to let go of the stress and anxiety of it all just to create.  And, if we are having fun, even if the end result is not our best, it just doesn’t matter.  

God gives us a creative side.  He instills in us the joy of shaping, molding, trying and laughing.  He shows us through his own creation how important it is to continue to explore.  If we are, indeed, made in his image, we are also given this need to create.  This may be the key to letting go just a little.  It may be the key to relaxing.  It might even cause us to smile a little more.

What can you create today to bring a smile?  How can you have fun today without having to worry about the outcome?  What joy is waiting for you that is currently undiscovered? 

Focus Scripture:

Job 8:21

21 He will yet fill your mouth with laughter,
    and your lips with shouts of joy.

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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