Greatly Delight – Devotion 357

When I think of delight, I think of food.  Maybe it’s because of the dessert called ‘chocolate delight’.  The name just makes me smile.  The food does more than that – it makes me drool.  I think of how we delight in goodies which surprise us and ignite our taste buds.  I think of joy and excitement when the word ‘delight’ comes to mind.  When I am delighted to see someone, I am overjoyed.  It expresses more than a simple pleasure.  The definition of delight is to please greatly.  I guess you get the picture at this point – and maybe you are dreaming of chocolate delight now too – you can thank me later.

As I consider what it is to delight, I read today’s Psalm.  The Psalmist is referring to those who are happy/blessed.  It teaches those who fear the Lord are happy.  It continues on, though.  Those who are happy greatly delight in the Lord’s commandments.  Notice it does not read a simple delight.  This is for those who greatly delight in commandments.  This gives me pause because most of us do not see the delight in commandments.  We call them rules and some find them restrictive.  A lot of us don’t do well following the rules.  You know who you are.  But to greatly delight in commandments gives a sense there is something different here.  There is joy to be found in commandments.  God’s love is poured out in commandments he gives to his people so we may live happy and joyful lives.  It can change our view.  These are not restrictive rules demanded.  These are guides in helping us to live just, merciful and loving lives.  They help us to live more like Christ.  That’s something to be joyful about!

Maybe we take another look at God’s commandments.  It could be we read them as joyful ways to seek God.  We might even find God’s love packed into these things we call commandments.  It certainly is worth checking out.  Joy waits around the corner – and maybe some chocolate delight too.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 112:1

Praise the Lord!
    Happy are those who fear the Lord,
    who greatly delight in his commandments.

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