The Beginning of Wisdom- Devotion 356

We often think of those who have lived many years as having wisdom.  Many of them do.  Life teaches us many lessons when we are willing to pay attention, listen and learn.  Good advice comes from those with much lived experience.  While we may gain practical wisdom this way, we don’t always obtain godly wisdom.  We don’t always grow wise in God just by life experiences.  We are taught in the Bible that God gives wisdom to those who ask and faithfully seek him (see the Book of James).  Today’s Psalm speaks of the beginning of wisdom.  Where does it begin?  How do we get started?  

We are told the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The awe and amazement which drives us to our knees is this type of fear.  The willingness to bow down at nothing other than the feet of God is key.  Understanding there is no one like God.  He is powerful and just, loving and merciful.  He provides grace and peace to his children.  To take this in brings a sense of awe which cannot be matched.  This is where wisdom begins.  When we catch a glimpse of who God is, we cannot help but have the fear of him.  And when we do, wisdom begins.  

We begin to understand God is the ultimate Creator, not us.  We begin to see all of his gifts given to us we did not earn or deserve.  We, in some small way, hear how much we are loved and adored and how we are God’s beloved.  We begin to see God.

May we begin in wisdom at the feet of the Almighty.  May we live in awe and astonishment of all he has done and continues to do.  May we be changed.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 111:10

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
    all those who practice it have a good understanding.
    His praise endures forever.

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