A Change of View

It can be challenging to live in a state of gratefulness.  There are many things which compete for our attention.  There are angry folks.  Life seems to show us its ugly side.  We become hyper focused on the things which are causing us anxiety and dread.  This often happens on Monday mornings.  When there is work to be done and things which await you that you would rather avoid, it can make getting started extra challenging.  It can make being grateful even more challenging.  When we think about things we are grateful for, it is probably easier to think of the things which we wish we didn’t have to deal with or face.  We’d just rather not – not face this, not start a new week, just not.  Our views become very narrow on our problems.

What if we widened the scope?  What if we took the lens out?  What if we slowed enough to take our focus off of our problems and lift up our heads?  Might we see the sun rising?  Maybe we notice the smile on the person in front of us.  Maybe begin to change our view.  Maybe our gratefulness grows exponentially and our problems somehow don’t have the same power they once did.  

Friends can help us do this.  They bring new perspectives.  They help us to see the good.  They help us to realize this is not the end.  They show us all that really is around, even when our vision is so cloudy.  Paul was known for writing of his thankfulness for others.  We don’t always do that as well.  Today, expand the view.  Give thanks for those who help us see the good.  Live grateful – there is still much to be grateful for.

Philippians 1:3

I thank my God every time I remember you


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