Falling – Devotion 364

It can be easier to help than ask for help.  Many find it most challenging to seek others when they are in the most need.  When we are falling, we don’t want to be in that place so it is difficult.  It is difficult to ask for help.  It is difficult to admit we need help.  It can be a vulnerable time and there are many who simply struggle to seek what is needed.  And I find that those who help others the most are those who have the most difficult time asking for help.  When they fall, they fall hard because they are not willing to seek others.  

This Psalm (145) reminds me God understands.  He knows our hearts.  He knows how challenging it is for us.  He also knows how hard we fall.  He sees us struggle.  He hears our cries.  And the Psalmist writes of how he holds us up.  God carries us forward.  It isn’t pretty.  It is often really humbling.  It is not where any of us would choose to be.  But God does not forsake us.  He upholds us.  He loves on us.  He will not leave us to suffer alone.  Even in our stubbornness, he gets it.  

When you find yourself falling, do not be ashamed.  Do not suffer alone.  Do not give up.  God is here.  He is here to lift us up.  He is here to carry us until we can get back on our feet.  He will guide our steps.  Call upon the name of the Lord – he hears our cries.  

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 145:14

14 The Lord upholds all who are falling,
    and raises up all who are bowed down.

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