I Forgot and Did It My Way – Devotion 354

We forget.  We get in the rhythm of life and we just forget.  We don’t mean to.  We don’t seek it out.  It just happens sometimes.  And when we forget, we make moves that are not so wise.  We take steps that are not often advantageous.  We choose our own path, we do it our own way, just because we forget.  We forget to seek the Lord.  We forget how much he has done for us and how far he has brought us.  We forget he loves us more than we could imagine and wants good for us.  But because we forget, we go about our lives the way we want.  And this doesn’t always turn out well.

We could do it differently.  We could seek God’s wisdom.  We could ask for his guidance.  We could look to him for counsel.  We could see just how much he has already done and know he hasn’t left us.  We could. And if we do, we might find our steps will be completely different.  We might find peace and joy.  We may find his path is perfect, even if it is really difficult.  We may find his ways are higher than our ways.  We may find we are living as we were created.  

Today, don’t forget.  Don’t forget to seek God and his ways.  Don’t forget to go about your life without seeking his counsel.  Don’t forget all he has done for you.  May your paths be filled with unspeakable joy today.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 106:13

13 But they soon forgot his works;
    they did not wait for his counsel.

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