I believe I Will See – devotion 335

We are surrounded by God’s goodness.  It envelopes us on a daily basis.  From the cool, crisp Spring mornings to the humid, seemingly unbearable Summer days.  They are all packed with God’s goodness.  He has surrounded us, encased us in this beauty.  We are a part of the goodness.  You and me are part of the goodness God has provided to this earth.  We pass by it most days.  We continue on with our lives as if nothing has happened.  But it is there.  

Sometimes we don’t notice because we are sad or anxious.  We could be angry or distraught.  It could simply be we are pre-occupied.  Or maybe we just aren’t looking for it.  Sometimes his goodness is subtle.  His goodness may be gentle and almost unnoticeable to the common observer.  That’s why we can’t be the common observer.  We are God’s children surrounded by God’s handiwork.  

I will be the first to admit it is easier to detect when the flowers are blooming and the garden is bountiful.  When things are going as we think they should, we can pick out all God has done.  I can see his love as I hover over the fresh vegetables.  I can taste his goodness in a fresh, home cooked meal.  I can hear his goodness in the laughter of children and the sound of music.  I can feel his goodness in the sunshine wrapping me up like a warm blanket.  But what about when things aren’t so obvious?  Do we really believe we will see his goodness even when things are going horribly wrong – at least by our evaluation?  Do we really believe God’s goodness is a part of us when our world seems to be collapsing?  These are the times we are challenged to believe.  We are pushed to the boundaries and find ourselves scrambling.  Yet, God hasn’t changed.  He has declared goodness from the very beginning and continues to do it moment after moment, day after day.  The Psalmist believed in seeing God’s goodness even with enemies surrounding the area.  How about us?

Will you seek God’s goodness today?  Will you find where God has provided good to us, right before our eyes?  I choose to echo the words of the Psalmist and believe I will see God’s goodness today.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 27:13-14

13 I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord!

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