Being Proud – Devotion 332

Are we proud to be a servant of the Lord?  Do we hold that as a gift, as a privilege?  Do we really give thanks for the opportunity to serve God?  Do we live our lives with our heads held high – not in arrogance or self-righteousness, but in excitement that we are called a child of the Most High God?  Are we proud to be a follower of Christ?  If so, we don’t have to wear it on our shirts.  We don’t need it on a bumper sticker.  We don’t have to shout it from the rooftop.  All we need to do is live as such.  If we live as people who are proud to serve God, it will show without a word needing to be spoken.  

It can be easy to be proud of other things instead.  We can be proud of our accomplishments.  We can be proud of our children.  We can be proud of how far we have come.  These are all fine.  The key is the acknowledgment that all of these things are possible because we are first proud to be a servant of God.  Everything we truly should be proud of is a byproduct of following God.  When we are obedient to the call, we see things begin to come together.  They are not always as we would want, desire, or ask.  But they are exactly as God has for us.  And we can be proud he has called us.  The realization quickly comes to us that it isn’t anything we have done.  We are not proud of what we have pulled together.  We are, instead, proud of how God is bringing things together for his good.  And when they come together for his good, they are good – very good.  

Today, hold your head high.  God has called you.  He loves you.  He wants to show you how amazing it can be to follow.  It will be something to be proud of.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 20:7

Some take pride in chariots, and some in horses,
    but our pride is in the name of the Lord our God.

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