The Goodness Around Us – devotion 328

Yesterday, Kelli and I took Leo to the Cliffs.  Once we got there, Leo took us for a walk – a speedy exploration.  All three of us were on the same trail.  We were all enjoying the cool breeze and a chance to be outside.  But all three of us had a different perspective.  Kelli and I noticed completely different plants and trees which captured our attention.  Leo picked up on scents we will never understand.  We each had a unique experience as we traveled the same steps together.  

It reminds me how different our perspectives are as we live our lives.  One person can be so grateful for a job while another can absolutely hate the exact same one.  One person can notice how hot it is outside while another feels a gentle breeze.  We experience our lives so differently.  So many times, it depends on what we are looking for.  Yesterday, Kelli had her camera so she was looking for great shots of Leo.  I was looking for what was blooming and the changes in the trail since the last time I walked this way.  Leo was checking out the scents left behind by those who had traveled before us.  We were looking for different things so we experienced the trail based on those views.  

What if we traveled our lives today looking for the good?  What if we intentionally sought out the joys and the celebrations?  What if our view was of all God has provided for us rather than our wants?  The same journey may look a lot different.  We may find God has been with us the entire time.  

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 27:13

13 I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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