What We See – Devotion 315

Leo and I were sitting on the back patio on a cool, crisp morning.  He was doing his normal – chasing bugs and pointing out birds.  I noticed he stopped at the edge of the fence, he saw something that had his attention.  He backed up some and stopped again.  He continued to back up, sit down and watch.  He didn’t point out anything.  He didn’t bark or even whine.  He just watched.  Something captured his attention.  I looked too but never saw anything.  Leo is not one for sitting around outside – there are too many things to enjoy.  But this particular morning, he spent an unusually long time just sitting and watching.  Something I could not see had his complete attention.  

It could be Leo sensed danger in something just beyond the fence and decided to keep an eye out.  It could be something was alarming to him, but not in a way in which he looked frightened.  He just watched.  

We don’t all experience things in the same way.  Two people can be in the same place at the same time with the same view and have a completely different experience.  It really depends on what we are looking for.  What do you see?  Sometimes we are only trying to reach a destination or finish a project.  We don’t experience much along the way because we have the end goal in mind.  Sometimes we end up getting distracted by things around we hadn’t even noticed before, simply because we chose to see.  It could be if we took the time to sit and watch, to really pay close attention, we may find there is so much more than we ever noticed.  

We don’t always see because we don’t always take the time to look.  Instead of rushing through your day today, take a few moments to see, really view the goodness around.  You may be surprised at all you have been missing.  

Focus Scripture:

Mark 8:18

18 Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember?

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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