Love One Another – Devotion 309

There are plenty of people willing to condemn.  There are lines of people looking to find fault in others.  The groups of people willing to show the love of Christ…not as many.  Continually the Bible teaches us to love one another.  We are given direction on what this means.  We are given an example of how it looks.  We are shown time and time again how to show love to one another.  Yet, it seems to be one of those things which slips right by us.  It takes effort.  It takes going the extra step.  It takes thinking outside of ourselves.  It takes everything which may feel uncomfortable, at least for a moment.  Yet, to show love to one another is the goal.  It is the focus.  If we can show love to one another, we are on the path to becoming more like Christ.  

People don’t always make it easy to love them.  Frankly, we don’t always make it easy to love us either.  Sometimes it just happens.  But more often, it takes a conscious effort to show love, especially to those who are less than lovable.  That’s where Christians make the difference.  That’s where others recognize how much we love Jesus.  Love is the key, the pivotal point.  We know because Jesus showed us the ultimate love.  How can we not make the time and the effort to show love to one another?

Focus Scripture:

1 John 3:11

11 For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.

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