Pour It Out – Devotion 285

All too often, we hold back in our prayers.  We don’t really tell God how we feel.  We may be hurt or afraid, but we tend to minimize these feelings.  We hide them under a rug hoping no one notices.  We don’t tell other people how we are really doing, so why tell God?  

There is a problem with this, of course.  While we may be able to put on a good show for everyone else, God already knows.  While we are hiding our fears and insecurities, God sees us in our hidden places.  When we don’t truly let others know how we are feeling, God has heard our inner thoughts.  He already knows all of this.  Yet, we decide we will filter how we feel when we pray.  

Many would argue we do this out of respect for God.  I understand holding deep respect for God.  But it seems to me what we are actually doing is lying.  We aren’t actually hiding how we feel before God.  So when we come to him and hide our true insecurities, we aren’t actually hiding anything but the truth from ourselves.  It seems to me it would be better to pour out our heart and soul before the only One who can heal.  Why not tell him about all of our fears, what angers us, and what is bothering us?  Why not tell him when we are upset?  He already knows – so why pretend otherwise?  

The Psalmist in today’s focus scripture leads us in this way.  We are told to pour out our hearts before God because he is our refuge.  We can trust him.  If we hold back our feelings, it seems to me we are showing a lack of trust – as if God can’t handle our anger, our fears, and our insecurities.  The Psalms give us a great model of what it means to pour it all out before him – and it often isn’t pretty.  Maybe we spend some time today finally being honest with God.  It just may be what we need to begin to heal.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 62:8

Trust in him at all times, O people;
    pour out your heart before him;
    God is a refuge for us.

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