Presence Greater Than Worry – Devotion 283

Aren’t you worried about that?  It is a line we have likely repeated more times than we care to remember.  It is repeated to us if we seem at peace.  When there are things going on in our world or even in our lives, there is an expectation of worry.  It stems from fear.  We are fearful something will be outside of our control and we will be left helpless.  It is a natural fear which produces what seems to be a natural worry.  And then we meet those people who experience peace.  What is the deal with them?  

I admit I think there are some of us more prone to worry than others.  But I also believe we are all given an inner peace few of us really realize.  We are given a calmness, a sense that no matter what happens, it will be okay.  I am not talking about a ‘pie in the sky’ kind of thinking.  I am talking about a true peace which helps us to realize worrying about things which we cannot control is futile.  It is a waste of our time and energy.  It is useless – unless you just like have a knotted stomach all the time.  

Worry seems to dim the more I spend time with God.  I begin to feel his presence and realize his goodness all around me.  My vision of what is true becomes clearer.  Many of my worries are not based on any truth at all.  It is skewed by my limited perspective.  And then the sun rises one more day – the clearing begins to show its orange and yellow hues in the middle of a dark blue sky.  Another day begins and God is with us.  God’s presence can bring a sense of calm like nothing else.  

Today’s focus scripture is contained in one of my favorite Psalms.  Psalm 46 speaks to the power and love of God in a compelling way.  This particular verse reminds me not to worry or fear – no matter what may go on in the world.  I can experience God’s peace and presence, even when everything seems to be turned upside down.  I won’t say I have this all together.  I will say I am a work in progress – but moving forward in God is all that is really required anyway.  

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 46:2-3

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change,
    though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea;
though its waters roar and foam,
    though the mountains tremble with its tumult.

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