Repeating – Devotion 277

When my kids were growing up, I often felt like a broken record – repeating myself over and over and over.  I wondered if they ever heard me, especially when they asked the same things continually.  I’m not much for repeating myself – it seems a waste of time.  Well, it is a waste unless what is repeated needs to be heard. Some things are so very important they need to be repeated continually.  I love my kids with all my heart – so I want them to hear how much I love them – always.  That message never gets old and I never mind saying it.  It is just that important.  

Reading the Bible can be daunting.  There are many pages filled with unusual people and concepts that often seem so foreign to us today.  Yet, every page is there for a reason.  It is actually a very condensed version of occurrences.  Only the necessary is kept and told.  When we consider this, we should pay special attention to the teachings which are repeated over and over.  They are there for a reason.  They are repeated for importance.  They are emphasized because it was something the people needed to hear.  Essentially, it is also something we need to hear as well.  It is also something which is often quite challenging.  If it was easy and natural, there would be no need to keep repeating it.  

Today, we are reminded to love one another.  This is a teaching found in the beginning of the Bible and carries all the way through.  It is obvious.  It is not hidden.  It is not mysterious.  It is given to us continually.  We are called to love one another.  God gets it isn’t easy – that’s why it is repeated over and over.  He also gets how important it is – one of the most important teachings in the entire Bible – central to our faith.  If we miss the part of loving one another, we have missed what it means to be a follower of Christ.  This isn’t one of those optional, extra credit teachings.  This is a main idea in the story.  

Today, hear it again, and may it ring fresh and new – love one another.  Now, go and do.

Focus Scripture:

1 John 3:11

For this is the message you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.

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