Clinging – Devotion 274

To cling to something is to hold fast to it.  There is a constant contact.  We don’t let go of something we cling to.  When a child is shy, he or she will often cling to parents seeking safety from strangers.  We can get upset when someone seems to be clingy to us.  Cling wrap is often misnamed since it clings to everything except the bowl we are trying to put it on.  We seek something or someone to cling to when we are frightened or in distress.  It is a sign of seeking a reprieve or shelter.

What might it look like to cling to God?  You may say holding onto God is not physically possible, so why try.  We don’t have the option of hiding behind God in the physical sense like we may have done with our parents.  So clinging to God might look different.  It might look like staying in constant contact with him.  It may look like seeking him all of the time, always on the search for his goodness.  It may look like being in communication with him, striving to hear him.  Clinging to God may be different than clinging to a human being.  But clinging to God is the ultimate safety, the place to be when all the world is raging around us.  To be held by God’s hand when everything feels so very out of control is a comforting place.  We can rest there.  We can find healing there.  We can find shelter there.  If my entire being is clinging to God, there is peace.  

Our lives might look different if we sought to cling to God, if we stayed in constant contact with him.  We may find we are filled with love despite all that is going on.  We may begin to see things differently – and see God.  May we cling to him with our everything as he holds us up and carries us through.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 63:8

My soul clings to you;
    your right hand upholds me.

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