The Symbol – Devotion 247

As Christians, there are too many times that we miss the story.  We miss the lesson.  We don’t hear what God is trying to teach us.  This could be because we are not listening.  Or it could be that we heard and just choose to do something else, ignoring his teachings.  I think God is pretty clear on love, though.  It just seems to me that you cannot read the Bible and get around this word, this concept, this powerful force which blows through each of the pages.  We cannot ignore the fact that God has called us to something higher, bigger, and more lofty than our tiny minds can fathom.  He has given us a directive of something which seems nearly impossible, but is fueled by him.  He has given us the call to love – and that is a call to action towards justice, towards rescue.

When we see a symbol, it normally triggers a thought or feeling regarding that which is symbolized.  If we see a cross as a Christian, we may think of Jesus’ sacrifice.  If we see the hot light on at Krispy Kreme, it may make our salivary glands ignite.  If we see an American flag, it may generate feelings of pride and freedom.  Symbols point to something.  They symbolize an idea or group.  Some symbols are evil.  There are some which denote pure and complete hatred.  You can probably think of some.  But when we see the Christian flag as a symbol, it should signify love.  If it does not, we may want to evaluate where we carry our symbols and why.  What are we really trying to prove if we are not directing people to the love of an Almighty God?  What are we pointing to if we are not pointing to Christ?  The Christian flag or any symbol of a devotion to God should never be used in association with fear or hatred…ever.  If it is, it is being used in vain.

A few days ago, the focus scripture for today showed up in my reading.  It reminded me of who God is and what he seeks for his people.  It reminded me how I tend to miss the point in it all.  It reminded me of a calling as a follower of Christ.  It pointed me back to God and to his love.  It gave me direction, a clear directive to share his love.  I saved this verse because it was something I wanted to remember.  Today, it seems even more important than the day I first read it.  It seems to be an answer to where we may find ourselves.  It seems to show how we might be missing the point in it all.

May God forgive us, when we make a mockery of him and his love.  May God direct us, not our own ideas.  May God love us so much that loves pours from us.  May we point people to God in ways that are loving and kind.  May we not hate – for that is never God’s way.  May we show grace and mercy.  May we love.

Focus Scripture:

Isaiah 1:16-17 

Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

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