Together – Devotion 216

Wisdom often comes when we least expect it.  It appears in the simplest of places, people or things.  Charlie Brown and his gang have been a source of wisdom for many years, all hidden under the cover of cute, entertaining cartoons.  As I watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving again this year, I couldn’t help but smile at lessons taught when I pay attention.  There is so much good packed in the humor.  

Think about it – different people from different backgrounds sitting around one large table.  It is filled with good friends, a history lesson, and the best meal the host could prepare.  What more could one ask for?  At first there is judgment – how could Charlie Brown serve such mess?  Where are all the traditional foods?  What kind of Thanksgiving dinner is this anyway?  They quickly find out, though – Thanksgiving is more than eating, just being thankful for being together is enough.  

Togetherness is not something we are able to do much right now.  We could be rightfully upset about it.  But we can also appreciate the times we do have.  The lesson of enjoying sitting around a table becomes abundantly clear when we are not able to gather as we once did.  The lesson of family and fellowship shines a little brighter as this has been overshadowed by disease.  But this is not the end.  There will be times for togetherness.

As we look forward to better times, may we not forget the lessons we are learning through these challenging times.  May we not forget how much we long to sit at a table and simply enjoy the company of one another.  May we not forget how much family and fellowship mean to us.  May we strive to spend more time with those we love whenever we have the opportunity.  And may we not take simple gifts for granted – living grateful every single day.

Focus Scripture:

Acts 2:42

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 

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