Cues To Remember – Devotion 213

There is always a message in coffee.  It can be simply a morning smile in a simple cup.  It can also be the message of the cup.  Today, as I was searching for my cup of the day, the ‘kind heart’ mug stuck out to me.  At this point in my life, the coffee cups I have kept have meaning.  Either the message on the cup is a reminder or the giver of it.  Each time I am greeted with a message as I drink in the goodness.  

I need reminders along the way.  I need cues to help me remember.  I wouldn’t say I am forgetful.  Rather, I find I am overloaded.  The things that often scream loudest for my attention are the things that embed in my memory.  But these aren’t always the things I wish to store.  So I have little things along the way to remind me of the good.  My coffee cups are just an example.  

Now is the time when we really begin paying special attention to memories.  The holidays are upon us.  We may find ourselves filling trees with ornaments of years past.  We may be cooking recipes of those long gone but not forgotten.  Thanksgiving is, in itself, a whole big light show of remembering.  We are to remember all we are grateful.  We are to give thanks for those people, places, and experiences which have helped to shape and form who we are.  We are to live thankfully for all that is behind and all that is ahead.  It is a holiday built on remembering.  It is one big cue to remember.

Here is something to remember today – something to carry with you.  YOU ARE LOVED…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  That is something to put on your coffee cup or hang over your mirror.  It is something you should carry with you every day.  Why?  We should remember this because it is true.  It is right.  It is real.  Remember that God created you, shaped you, formed you.  He has not left you alone on the journey.  That is something to remember and something for which to give thanks!  

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 77:11-12

11 I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord;
    I will remember your wonders of old.
12 I will meditate on all your work,
    and muse on your mighty deeds.

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