SHOUT IT – Devotion 197

Did I miss something?  Was I asleep when it happened?  Where was I when the switch flipped?  I certainly can’t put my finger on it.  But somewhere along the way, hatred, meanness and anger became the norm in our lives.  At some point, we became an angry people who were willing to blast anyone who doesn’t agree with us.  It didn’t matter if feelings were hurt.  It wasn’t a factor if they were neighbors, friends or fellow believers.  It didn’t matter if we had eaten at their table or been invited to their homes.  The only thing that matters is our opinion and anyone outside of this should be taken down – and taken down with pride.  

When did it happen that name calling, belittling, and bullying became a part of an adult rhetoric?  When did we start cheering for those who had hateful things to say as long as it was something we agreed with?  When did kindness become the exception and domination become the rule?  When did we start condemning people because they don’t agree with us?  How did this happen?

We cannot grow like this.  We cannot move forward like this.  This cannot become our new normal.  It can never become okay to beat someone down with our words because they don’t agree with us.  In a world where people should be valued, we are slashing that value in an effort to be right.  And nothing good comes from it.  

You may be thinking…but this is just a small part of the population.  And you may be right.  It may be only a few people actually function like this.  The problem is these people are the loudest.  Their hatred spills out onto our airwaves and integrates into our social media.  We are infiltrated with anger.  The loudest certainly make us believe that everyone feels like this.

So today, I shout kindness.  Today, maybe we begin to turn the tide back.  Maybe we start encouraging…and doing it a lot.  Maybe we begin reaching deep and loving like never before.  Maybe we become very loud about love and let our anger melt.  Maybe we shout from the rooftops how grateful we are.  Maybe we give it all we have to love all we see.  Maybe it begins with us.  Hatred cannot win.  Love must be the answer.  

May our kindness and our love flow powerfully through and from us.  May its streams cover the anger.  May its power overtake the hatred.  May it bring life and hope.  

Focus Scripture:

Job 6:14

14 Those who withhold kindness from a friend
    forsake the fear of the Almighty. 

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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