Beautiful Days – Devotion 178

Beautiful days can really lift a mood.  It seems as if I can breathe better and think clearer.  When the sun is shining and the weather is just a little cool, I can’t wait to get outside.  It gives a different view and an opportunity to soak up the goodness of God’s creation.  We were made for the outside.  We were made to be in creation.  We were made to feel the sun on our faces (Vitamin D – although all things in moderation).  We were made to enjoy digging in dirt and planting food.  We were made to gain a different perspective by changing our view, even if just for a few moments.  Today was one of those days that calls for us to smell, breathe, relax, and enjoy.  

I’m always amazed at how God works so many things together.  Our mental mood is improved by sun shining.  Our body reacts to exercise in a way which allows for clearer thoughts and calmer reactions.  We are given the ability to plant into the ground and eat from all we have planted.  All of this is a part of a big, amazing system that works when we don’t even realize it.

I think Leo has a better realization of this than I do.  When it is this beautiful outside, he begs me to go sit outside while he plays.  He rings the bell as many times as it takes.  When he gets outside, it is like the best day ever to him.  Today, we carried him to the Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.  The views were incredible as the leaves were changing and the entire landscape was preparing for a new season.  The air was crisp.  Birds sang and people were out with their families just enjoying the day.  Leo was ecstatic to be out and about.  And truly, so were we.  

God knows exactly what we need when we need it.  Today reminds me that he is preparing us for a new time.  He is preparing our part of the earth to rest.  The leaves are falling and the trees are beginning to find quiet.  It is a reprieve from the heat and an expectation of the colder weather to come.  It is a day to simply enjoy.  We have been given this gift.  Don’t miss it.  It is good. 

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 34:4-8

I sought the Lord, and he answered me,
    and delivered me from all my fears.
Look to him, and be radiant;
    so your faces shall never be ashamed.
This poor soul cried, and was heard by the Lord,
    and was saved from every trouble.
The angel of the Lord encamps
    around those who fear him, and delivers them.
O taste and see that the Lord is good;
    happy are those who take refuge in him.

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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