The Experience – Devotion 163

Wendy and I enjoy watching cooking and baking shows.  We actually learn a lot more than we expected.  For instance, vegetables have different names depending on where you are from.  There are really cool techniques I have never seen used before.  Certain ingredients complement each other that I would not have thought.  Tradition plays such a huge part in how one cooks.  These have all been great lessons for me.  It helps me consider how limited my knowledge really is.  

My most recent favorite has been the British Home Cook Competition.  This is our second British cooking show we have watched in the last few months.  I have noticed a couple of things about these two shows, in particular.  The first is that everyone in the competition has been so cordial.  Sure, they are in a competition and want to win.  But they encourage and motivate each other.  It is not cutthroat.  It is not manipulative.  They just do their best and encourage each other to do the same.  When someone loses, they all rally around.  It has been so refreshing to watch.  The second thing I have noticed is that there is no prize money.  Apparently it is customary to not win money or gifts for these types of competitions.  One did win a golden apple – and that is it.  In the other show, the winner received nothing.  They just got the recognition of having won.  It was all about the experience.  They were in it simply to enjoy the experience and have fun.  The winnings did not matter.

Now, that is a concept we don’t hear very often.  It seems we are always out for something.  All too often, people will manipulate and take anyone down just to win.  But not in these competitions.  It is just about the experience.

I wonder if this doesn’t give us a glimpse into the Christian life.  It isn’t about the competition.  It isn’t about who is the best singer or preacher or cook or servant.  What if it is simply about the experience of following Christ?  What if it isn’t about a tally of who was the best or who was the most faithful but rather simply helping each other along in the journey?  What if it really is about supporting one another and doing our best to lift each other up?  What if the journey is about the everyday experiences of love, kindness, peace and joy?  What if it really is about following Christ with our whole heart and helping others do the same?  It just might change the world.  Or at least, it may change us.

Focus Scripture:

1 Thessalonians 5:11a

11 Therefore encourage one another and build up each other

Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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