Serving the Purpose – Devotion 160

Yesterday, I spent the day on the road traveling for work.  I always enjoy the opportunity to get out of the office, even if it is just a limited time.  There are always new sights to see and bumper stickers to laugh at.  I have found some really fun and eye opening sayings on the back of people’s cars.  Yesterday it wasn’t a bumper sticker, but was equally entertaining for me.  

It rained for the second half of the trip.  I was following an SUV with the rear windshield wipers.  That’s no big deal – I have them.  But I happened to notice they didn’t go all the way across the window.  And then they did.  And then they didn’t.  The wipers would stop intermittently part of the way through the cycle and begin again.  It was always at a different place they would pause.  Eventually they made enough progress to clear the whole window, but it took some effort.  They would start a little ways, stop and return.  Then go farther, stop, and begin again.  It really is the small things that capture my attention as you can tell.  I admit I watched this for way too long. 

My first thought was – I would have to get that fixed.  That is just crazy.  Something must be wrong.  But as I watched, I noticed it did the job.  It took several attempts.  It wasn’t smooth.  It wasn’t optimal.  But it served its purpose.  It cleared the windshield.  The person could see because it was there.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was effective.

We can feel less than perfect – maybe even a bit defective sometimes.  We can think that we are inadequate or less than acceptable.  We see our flaws.  We know our downfalls.  We understand our shortcomings.  Yet, God sees something in us that he finds beautiful and good and of great value.  The way we do things may not be the most perfect way, but our calling is simply to be faithful.  We may hobble along in our calling or even stumble for what seems like way too much of life.  We may feel so unprepared or even a fit defective.  Yet, here we are.  And God is with us.  And God has created us and we are good.  When we are faithful, we are serving his purpose.  The way we serve is the way God appointed.  

Maybe we aren’t defective at all.  Maybe we are creative, unique creations powered by a wonderful God to do amazing things we can’t even fathom.  Maybe we are just called to serve the purpose and watch God take care of the rest.  So go forward and serve.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 86:8-12

There is none like you among the gods, O Lord,
    nor are there any works like yours.
All the nations you have made shall come
    and bow down before you, O Lord,
    and shall glorify your name.
10 For you are great and do wondrous things;
    you alone are God.
11 Teach me your way, O Lord,
    that I may walk in your truth;
    give me an undivided heart to revere your name.
12 I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart,
    and I will glorify your name forever.

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