Happy – Devotion 116

There are so many things I enjoy about dogs.  One of those is that you can tell how a dog is feeling about you by their actions.  They don’t hide anything.  So when I walk in the door, Leo immediately runs to find something to bring to me at the door.  His whole body speaks joy.  When I am out and I see a dog, I can tell if the dog is okay with meeting me.  If the tail is wagging, it is a good sign this dog is excited to get to know me.  If there is no tail wagging and the dog is standing off a bit, I know to either not approach or approach with caution.  If a dog is showing teeth, I know to keep my distance.  But the point is I can detect the thoughts of the dog simply by the body actions.  A wagging tail is a happy friend.

Imagine if humans were equipped like this.  We tend to put on artificial smiles.  We pretend to act in certain ways that are not at all how we actually feel.  We put on a pretty face or we show our disappointment by pouting.  I think it would be interesting if we could tell if someone was really happy simply by looking at them.  We could tell if someone was really angry by the signal.  I think it might help a lot of men figure out the mood of their loved one – she says she is fine but that tail is not wagging – proceed with caution…she says she is not angry, but those teeth are showing – do not approach.  These would be helpful.  I think it would also cut out a lot of the fake from our world.  It would cut down on the pretend.  Instead, we would know if someone was really happy.

We could try just being real.  We can be kind and loving because we have been given kindness and love.  We can show our happiness through real smiles and laughter.  We can help others because that is who we really are.  We can make life a little more simple – maybe wag our tails once in a while.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 34:8-9

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
happy are those who take refuge in him.
O fear the Lord, you his holy ones,
for those who fear him have no want.


Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery



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