Taking Time – Devotion 108

Too often it seems that I am in a rush to get somewhere.  Usually it is because I have booked too much too close together trying to fit it all in.  It is also a reason why I am almost never early and feel good when I am right on time.  Some people rush wherever they go.  It is a non-stop race so everything is full force.  They drive like it too.

As a runner, I get to experience people’s morning commute from a completely different perspective.  There are those who are in such a rush that they are checking their phones and driving as if it is the last mission.  For those, I get off the road completely – they are crazy (you know who you are).  Then there are those who seem as though they haven’t yet ingested their morning coffee.  They are not quite awake and from our encounter, are not as friendly yet either.  They aren’t going to slow down or move over.  It is full on.  I also get off the road for them (they aren’t happy at all).  There are those who are in a rush but have had their coffee and seem a bit more pleasant.  These are the people who will move over and give me plenty of room, but are running full speed.  The breeze is nice but makes me a bit nervous (still, thank you for the room to run).  And then there are those who take their time.  I’m not saying they aren’t in just as much of a rush.  I’m not saying they don’t have as much going on.  But these people decided to take a few extra moments for my safety.  I experienced a few of those on my run yesterday morning.  Two, in particular, slowed way down and waited for oncoming traffic to pass.  They were thoughtful and courteous.  And they made my day.  They took the time to make sure I was safe.  They made an extra effort to spend a moment to wait for me.  They made time.

How often do we feel like we don’t have a few extra moments to be kind because we are in a rush?  How many times are we so busy that we don’t even see the small ways we can make someone else’s day?  What might it take to simply put down the phone, pay attention to all that is around, and just take our time?  We might find there are good things going on around us.  We might see that the couple of extra moments didn’t make us any more late and we were able to change a situation.  It might be that we are able to help someone we would have missed in the hustle of the day.  Maybe today, we just take our time.  God may be working in that space and we don’t want to miss him.

Focus Scripture:

Philippians 2:13

13 for it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure.


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