Peace Be With You – Devotion 89

Even in the calmest environment, our minds and hearts can be in an uproar.  It can be the perfect location, the right weather, the most magnificent view – and yet, the most tumultuous time for our souls.  I often read about how people have a happy place.  It is generally a nice place with either a water or mountain view.  There is usually a picture of feet either in the sand or in a hammock.  It seems so perfect.  The picture makes all feel released and free.  Yet I wonder how many of the hearts and minds that belong to those feet are still feeling struggle.

While it might seem location can solve all of our problems, in reality, our struggles seem to follow us.  They don’t care if we are at home or the office, they seem to find us.  If we struggle with anxiety, it doesn’t seem to take a vacation.  It might be better for a moment, but how many times does it find us?  It is as if it is packed in our suitcases just waiting to be unpacked – about the time we relax.

The key is we are trying to escape the unescapable.  We may be able to escape the work on our desk, but we cannot escape the anxiety about its completion.  We may think we can escape our grief, but it is that friend that never knows when to go home.  So instead of escape, what else can we do?  We seek peace.  Peace is not found in a particular location – although some places do encourage peacefulness.  The waves seem to calm us.  The mountains seem to remind us we are among the powerful and it is okay.  But the real key is inner peace.  The real answer is the peace that goes beyond our understanding.  This peace fills us in the middle of a storm or on the shores of our favorite water.  It can calm us when we are distressed, despite our circumstances.

This peace comes from God.  He created us and offers us this peace.  It is found when we stop and meditate on his word.  It is found when we breathe deep the breath of life.  It is found when we realize that we are not in control and we don’t have to be.  All we need to do is allow his peace to wash over us.  He offers it to us – we just don’t always receive it well.

Today, I pray that God’s peace is the answer.  I pray God’s peace fills you from top to bottom – in the middle of your storm or in the place of your calm.  May he show you love and wrap you tight with the peace that can only come from him.  Peace Be With You.

Focus Scripture:

John 14:27

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.


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