Dissatisfied – Devotion 88

When I watch TV shows, there seems to be one glaring commonality – dissatisfaction.  People want bigger houses because the 3,000 sq feet is inadequate for their 3 person family.  They want to move to a different place because the traffic is too loud.  They want to change something about their appearance because they believe they are flawed in some way.  There is a general searching for bigger and better and the latest…there is a wanting for more while ignoring the joys of what is right before them.

But that is how we generally think, isn’t it?  If we have are not satisfied with something, we try to fix it.  Whether it is working harder or getting a better job or extending our credit – we try to find a way to get what we want.  In general, the motivation to achieve is great.  It can become a problem when we ignore the gifts that we already have in order to replace for something bigger and better.  It is a constant striving for something better leading to a place of never good enough.  The house will never be big enough.  There will never be enough things.  We will never achieve enough awards or recognition.  It is never enough.  And so we live our lives dissatisfied.  How miserable and disheartening does that become!?

What if we spent today satisfied with the gifts we have been given?  What if we were grateful for the home we have, the family around us, the jobs we get to work, the sunshine that fills the earth, the clothes we have, the food that is in the pantry?  What if we were just satisfied?  Would it change our outlook on the day?   Might we look for ways to help others?  Maybe contentment would begin to settle in and become a welcome friend.  We might find that we are gifted beyond measure – and we begin to seek ways to serve our neighbors.  Maybe we find we can breathe today because we have and are more than enough.  Live satisfied.

Focus Scripture:

1 Timothy 6:6-7

Of course, there is great gain in godliness combined with contentment; for we brought nothing into the world, so that we can take nothing out of it;


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