This Day – Devotion 86

As I lay my head down to rest tonight, I can’t help but think of the course of the day.  Did I say too much? Was I kind?  Did I share love with others?  Did I do what I set out to do today?  There are many thoughts and ideas that roll around in my mind.  I worry I didn’t do my best or that my best wasn’t good enough.  I am consumed with the tasks that are still undone.  Then, I am stopped, halted in my thoughts.  I am given a moment where it all simply stops as if time stands still.  Those events of this day are said and done.  Today is complete.  It is okay.  Breathe.  God was in this day, even if I missed him.  And my mind turns from worry to gratitude.

Instead of the critique, I begin to think of the people I am grateful to have spoken with.  I think of the opportunities I was given to work and exercise and live.  I am grateful for the safety of my drive.  The deliciousness of the meals I consumed and the hands that took the time to prepare are on my heart.  I am grateful for the family that surround me and the friends that hold me up.  I am reminded that I will not get this day again and that is okay.  It was good.  It was sent by God.  And now I rest.

My prayer is that you find rest this evening.  This day is coming to a close.  The moments of this day are passing.  God was with us.  He never left us, even for a moment.  Rest in the gratitude that you are not alone.  Breathe in the life that you have been given.  Let the love that is around you wrap you tight as you seek God’s comfort.  This day is almost done.  Rest, you are loved.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 3:4-6

I cry aloud to the Lord,
and he answers me from his holy hill.  Selah

I lie down and sleep;
I wake again, for the Lord sustains me.
I am not afraid of ten thousands of people
who have set themselves against me all around.


Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery



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