Comfort – Devotion 84

This morning as I am eating my breakfast and writing, I am distracted.  That is a bit of an understatement.  My buddy, my sidekick, my dog Leo has heard a noise that bothered him.  Since the July 4th fireworks, it doesn’t take much to startle him.  Today’s noise wasn’t really even a big deal to me.  But here he is, climbing up in my lap so I can hold him.  He’s not a little dog either.  Leo is over 50 lbs and when he sits in my lap, I can’t see around him.  He’s a big boy.  But this big boy does not care about his size today.  Today there is a noise that bothers him and he wants to sit with me.  It doesn’t matter if I want to eat or write or anything else.  My job for this moment is to hold him and make him feel better.

Since I can’t spend the day doing this (I do need to get ready for work and go to the office), I decide my time is best spent with him for now.  So I move to the couch where he can sit as close as absolutely possible while I write and eat.  That is where we are this morning.  That is where we will be until it is time for me to get showered and dressed.  He is my buddy and he depends on me to take care of him.  And, if I’m honest, I’m okay with it.

Today may be your day of challenges too.  It may be that you are apprehensive about what is to come.  Maybe you are facing medical questions.  It could be you do not know how you will pay the bills.  Perhaps you find yourself worried and anxious for no reason except it is another day.  Where do you go for comfort?  Like Leo, you search where you feel like you will be cared for.  You search for the place where you can climb up and know that if just for a moment, you are okay.  Personally I find that in meditation outside.  I find my peace when I see God’s work.  I find comfort knowing that he loves his creation so much and loves me too.  I am, after all, his creation.  I find strength in the trees that he has fed and nurtured for more years than I have been alive.  I find beauty in the birds that he cares for on a daily basis.  I find peace in the flowers that he provides today’s rain so they grow and flourish, if just for a season.  I find God speaking to me comfort and love when I am simply held in the arms of his bountiful unfolding.

I pray you feel God’s comfort and peace today as you approach whatever may come your way.  May God remind you that he is with you and will not leave you.  May you crawl up in his lap knowing that he has everything under control.  You are his child and he loves you.

Focus Scripture:

Isaiah 41:13

13 For I, the Lord your God,
hold your right hand;
it is I who say to you, “Do not fear,
I will help you.”


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