Determined and Defeated – Devotion 65

Being independent is something I treasure.  I appreciate the tasks and goals I can do myself, that do not require anyone else.  I like to be self-motivated and self-driven.  To take care of things without having to ask someone else is ideal for me.  I don’t have to bother anyone else and if it is wrong, I know I did it wrong.  I take responsibility for the things I do.  But what happens when I just can’t.  What happens when I reach the end of I?  There are some things I cannot do on my own.  What then?  Do I quit, admitting defeat?

It seems most frustrating to me to require help on something that I think I should be able to manage alone.  If it is a huge task, asking for help is fine.  But if it is something that I just need motivation and accountability, why can’t I do it?  Why can’t I get out of bed and exercise?  Why can’t I write more?  Why can’t I get this or that completed?  Why can’t I squash that goal?  Why don’t I read more or pray more or whatever I seek to do?

There are times when we simply need help.  Instead of beating ourselves up or accepting defeat, we might just need assistance.  We need ways to keep us on track.  We need motivation to keep moving toward our goal. We need the accountability to know that someone cares about what we are doing and wants to see us succeed.  A little encouragement and a swift kick can go a long way when we are struggling.

What are you trying to accomplish that seems out of reach?  What would you like to do but can’t seem to get motivated to do it?  What goals do you see but appear so very far off?  How would you be successful if you simply got out of bed?  What dreams have you left on the table because you just need to be told you can do it?

So many of us have goals, aspirations and dreams that are waiting to be conquered.  God has given us courage and determination to move forward as he has created us.  But he has also given us people that can help us along the way.  Maybe it is a coach that can help get you on track.  Maybe it is a mentor that can walk along the path with you.  It could be a friend that is a great encourager and would love to see you succeed.  It may even be someone that just drops you a text to remind you that they are on this journey with you.  Whatever it looks like, there may be more resources out there than you might think.  We may be on the edge of accomplishing those goals.  What are you waiting for?

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 43:5

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
my help and my God.


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