No Prayers – Devotion 44

Distraught, grief, pain, turmoil, unrest, fear – these can lead us to a place where we do not know what to do.  We do not know where to turn.  We do not know what is next or who to call.  We do not always understand.  When our lives are turned upside down, we may feel abandoned and lost.  When we feel betrayed, we don’t know who to trust.  When we lose a loved one, we feel a void that is forever implanted.  When test results are pending and we await surgeries, we can find anxiety creeping over us.

The answer that we may hear or may even think to ourselves is that we should pray.  We should take the time to pray about it.  We hear that if it is worthy worrying about, it is worth praying about.  But what if we have no prayers?  What if the words are not there?  What if we do not know what to ask for and we do not understand our situation?  What if it is so all-consuming that we are speechless?  What if we are struggling with who God is and where he is?  What if we are struggling with our faith?  What if God seems so very distant in our time of greatest need?  What do we do then?  We may know in our heart to pray, but that may not translate to words. It may seem empty.

What if God hears us in our tears and our exasperations?  What if God walks with us in our silence?  Could it be that God understands that we are struggling with our faith and is simply with us?  God does not need our words, he hears our heart.  He doesn’t need us to have the correct things to say or the right ways to say them.  He doesn’t require us to pray a certain way.  Resting in him may be the only prayer we need.  He may just provide shelter from the storm, no words needed.  He feels our pain.  He has watched us struggle.  He knows we don’t get it.  And in those times, I find that there are no prayers needed.  Just to find refuge in him is enough.

Today, no matter what you may experience, may God remind you he hears your cries and he provides a refuge.

Focus Scripture:

Psalm 61:1-4

Hear my cry, O God;
listen to my prayer.
From the end of the earth I call to you,
when my heart is faint.

Lead me to the rock
that is higher than I;
for you are my refuge,
a strong tower against the enemy.

Let me abide in your tent forever,
find refuge under the shelter of your wings. Selah


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