Do Not Fear – Devotion 32

I have heard this phrase many times in my life – Do Not Fear.  These three simple words should take care of it all, I suppose.  Attached to the phrase may be “everything will be okay” or “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.”  I know these words are meant to be affirmations, a way of providing an assurance.  But if someone is telling you this, chances are you are fearful.  And if you are fearful, it doesn’t help a lot to hear you shouldn’t.

Fear can be good.  It can keep us from getting into dangerous situations.  Our bodies may be giving us a clue that we are in an unsafe environment.  But not all fear is good.  We can become fearful to the point that it completely paralyzes us.  It keeps us from functioning and living.  There isn’t any one thing causing fear, it is simply where we find ourselves.

Do not fear – I even hear this phrase from God.  His people are obviously fearful, often for very good reason.  It could be they are coming against an army or the enemy.  They might be fearful because they are taking on a new journey where the unknown is scary.  He tells this to people who are given new messages and directions.  For me, though, the key is not in the phrase – Do Not Fear.  It is what else is said and whom else is saying it.  If God is saying it, there is something to it.  When the Creator, Sustainer, and Life Giver says for us not to fear, we should probably take notice.  But that is not all.  He often continues…for the Lord, your God is with you (and often implied if not said).  And that part is the most important part for me.  That is the part that speaks loudest to my fears.  Not only should I not fear, but I should not fear because God is with me.  When I follow him, I should not be fearful because he is with me.  When I take on new challenges he has presented, I should not fear because he is with me.  When I am overwhelmed with life’s situations, I can rest in him knowing that he is with me.  That really means something.

May God remind you not to fear today…because he is with you.  May you be filled with his presence and guided by the Spirit.  May you not fear, God is with you.

Focus Scripture:

Joshua 1:9

I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


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