Undiscovered – Devotion 14

What do you think about when you crawl or spring out of bed in the morning?  One of my first thoughts is…coffee.  Coffee seems to be my answer to waking my mind and starting my day.  From there, the day begins.  Whether it is exercise or rushing to work or going through the events that the day holds, it is often full force.  There isn’t much more thought about this day.  My theory usually is…let’s just get this done.

The day could start differently, though.  I could change my thoughts as I begin my day.  Please don’t misunderstand, there will still be coffee.  But coffee is a given.  So what if my thoughts of this day begin with an open mind, an open heart, and open eyes?  What if my day begins with discovery?  What if I am looking for the hidden as I approach each new day?

I believe that God has given us each day as a gift.  In this day are joys and challenges, excitement and struggle.  But what if each day God is offering us a reprieve from it all?  What if he has provided in creation something small yet beautiful for us to discover?  What if God is teaching us to pay attention to where he is at work?  If we go with this mindset, we may find ourselves looking around for the present.  We may find ourselves attentive to the minor joys.  We just might find that there is a whole world waiting to be discovered.

Lord, may you open my eyes, my ears, and my heart to the gifts you have placed before me.  May I discover YOU at work all around me.  May you surprise me with new joys each new day.  May I see YOU.

Focus Scripture

Psalm 104 (Select Verses)

Bless the Lord, O my soul.
O Lord my God, you are very great.
You are clothed with honor and majesty,
    wrapped in light as with a garment.
You stretch out the heavens like a tent,
    you set the beams of your[a] chambers on the waters,
you make the clouds your[b] chariot,
you ride on the wings of the wind,
you make the winds your[c] messengers,
fire and flame your[d] ministers.

14 You cause the grass to grow for the cattle,
and plants for people to use,[f]
to bring forth food from the earth,
15     and wine to gladden the human heart,
oil to make the face shine,
and bread to strengthen the human heart.
16 The trees of the Lord are watered abundantly,
the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.
17 In them the birds build their nests;
the stork has its home in the fir trees.
18 The high mountains are for the wild goats;
the rocks are a refuge for the coneys.
19 You have made the moon to mark the seasons;
the sun knows its time for setting.
20 You make darkness, and it is night,
when all the animals of the forest come creeping out.
21 The young lions roar for their prey,
seeking their food from God.
22 When the sun rises, they withdraw
and lie down in their dens.
23 People go out to their work
and to their labor until the evening.

24 O Lord, how manifold are your works!
In wisdom you have made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
25 Yonder is the sea, great and wide,
creeping things innumerable are there,
living things both small and great.


Photos included in Devotions are captured by David Cain – The Cain Gallery.  Photos are available for sale by contacting The Cain Gallery


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