I sit on my back patio this morning working remote and considering how our world has been turned upside down in just a few short weeks – just craziness.  After a while, all that’s going on begins to beat us down and make us weary.  Our souls can just be so very weary and tired.  There are signs of hope that pop up – I find just enough to encourage and motivate.  There are loving notes being sent, positive thoughts being shared, and kind texts floating around finding their way to just the right person at just the right time.  There is food being shared and face masks being made.  There are so many good things.  But those seem so small if we get caught up in the overwhelming weight of it all.  They can get lost in the darkness of these times and the depth of the troubles (at least if you watch the news).  But this morning, the birds still sing their beautiful song, the sun shines extra bright and the breeze is a welcome refreshment to the craziness we call life.  I lay my head back in the sun and these words echo in my heart… “He restores my soul”  Yes!!  In the middle of the turmoil, chaos, and unknowns…God restores my soul.  So we soak in the love and allow God to do what God does best – restoration.  May God restore your soul today.

He restores my soul


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