It is really interesting what captivates our minds and pulls us in…what so easily distracts us from all that is around.  Over the past week or so, developing stories of the virus have spread…changing situations moment by moment.  It is all we talk about and all we hear.  Panic has set it and fear reigns down like fire on a pile of kindling.  We are captivated, waiting to hear what is next, checking to see how many cases there are now, and wondering how we will find toilet paper.  We seem to breathe in the news of the world and we exhale with long breaths of despair and worry.  It has truly taken over.  But, if we take a moment…turn off the TV…put down the phones…keep our distance from others…and simply walk outside…all is not in chaos.

It is SPRING.  There are trees beginning to bloom, flowers starting to bud, and the birds seem to be singing their song louder than ever.  I wonder how many have even paid attention to the beautiful symphony of music played by God’s creation.  How can we become captivated…not on the chaos and worry and fear…but on the One that gives us life and breath – peace and joy (even in the storm)?  Maybe today we stop focusing on all the things that are going wrong and focus on what God gets right…EVERY…SINGLE…DAY.  May we become captivated by creation…beauty that can overwhelm if we simply pay attention.



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