The *POP*

I either say way too much…or I don’t say nearly enough.  There is no happy medium with me.  I’m not sure why.  You would think that I would learn lessons or at least get some idea when it is going off the rails.  But I seem oblivious to the fact that what is coming out of my mouth should be stopped, halted, abbreviated, or unspoken. 

This morning, I was cooking breakfast, and something popped in the pan.  I jumped back immediately. It certainly put me on alert.  My first thought was…WOW – I could use that pop when I’m about to say something I shouldn’t or when I fail to say something I should.  You know, that jolt that shocks you enough you jump back.  That pop my mom probably wanted to give me across the mouth when I said something that I should not have (there were plenty of moments for that growing up). 

Now, don’t think that I am sitting around analyzing my conversations…I have way too much to do for that…and that would just stress me out even more.  I am more describing that feeling right after a conversation.  And I don’t mean the conversations I have when I am focused, and the discussions are meaningful.  I am talking about the sitting around just chit-chatting type of talk…the discussions where I am not really thinking and just talking.  I end up thinking of all the unnecessary things I have said…the “filler” type of talk – the air that would be better used to blow up a balloon.  I think of the important things I should have said but didn’t because so much time was spent on useless discussion. 

I bring this up it reminds me to be a little more intentional.  I am reminded that my days and my relationships are precious.  It helps me to think about how I have the gift of spending time with others and I shouldn’t waste it.  There should be plenty of laughing and encouraging…there should be joy and celebration.  There should be a time for grieving together and a time for just sitting and saying nothing.  There should be time for enjoying the presence of others without having to fill it with hot air better left unsaid. 

Maybe…just maybe…if I am intentional…I will find that *pop* at just the right time and remember that this day, this opportunity, this friendship is a gift and I will treat it as such.  And maybe I will treasure the moments.  And maybe I will blow up a balloon with the rest of the hot air.


five assorted balloons
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