A Day of Reckoning

I think we have finally arrived at the day of reckoning.  For so many years, things have just been accepted.  It has just been the “norm” for this type of thing.  That isn’t the case any longer.  The day has come when people are standing up and saying…this is enough and I will not be subjected to this.  I am grateful for those who have stepped forward to say that they have been treated unfairly, unjustly, and in some cases, devalued as less than a human.

The most recent events have been of women that have come forward to tell of the sexual misconduct of which they have been the victim.  It cannot be easy to come forward, much less in a case where the person is well known and “well respected” in society.  I have personally been shocked by the names that have been called out.  I have heard many say that some of these women have waited too long.  How long is too long when you have been treated in a demeaning, devaluing way?  How long is too long for those whose lives and careers have been ruined because they said no?  How long is too long when these people have had to face shame and despair for so much of their own lives?

It has become a day of reckoning because one woman stood up…then another…then another.  They don’t do this without some backlash…some name calling…some humiliation by those who are hateful and angry and confused.  They do this because it is time.

I have a theory of why sexual misconduct is so rampant in society.  First, and I think most important is the culture of pornography and sex trade.   Could it be that with the influx of pornography and the ease of access…with sex slavery being so prevalent in our world – those factors are playing a huge part in infecting those that are doing things which they think they have the right and power to do? Could it be their hearts and minds have been deceived by the images that they have put into their heart through screens…thoughts they have been allowed to enter because of this deception?

Think of it like this…there are children and young women being sold in sex slavery every day (a fact which still horrifies and angers me).  These people have to be sold to someone.  There has to be a market or there would be no sales.  And, pornography is everywhere.  Someone has to be looking at it or it wouldn’t be…everywhere (TV, ads, internet, phones…everywhere).  These facts have consequences!!  This cannot be without some result to society…to people…to our world.  And why would we think that our leaders, actors, anchormen, and those in power would not be a part of this?  Why would we think that those factors haven’t influenced what is happening and has happened in our world?  When we allow those things which disturb us and hurt us…distort creation and twist truth…to become mainstream in our society…people act according to that.  Ruined relationships…disconnected from reality…painful miserable existences.

Additionally, there has been no accountability. The good ole’ boy network continues to exist where there is no accountability.  Sexual misconduct could be bragged about…used by those in power to get what they want when they want.  If you have power over someone, it is easy to take advantage…and who is to stop it?  No accountability from anyone…those in power and wealth have more power and wealth.

What do we do?  I certainly don’t have all the answers.  But, I do believe one answer is exactly what is happening now….people standing up and saying that this not okay – it never was and never will be.  I also think that there has to be some change…some accountability of what is viewed and what is done.

As a Christian, I also can’t say that sexual misconduct is ever okay nor can I excuse what has happened…we all have to stand with those who have been exploited.  We cannot excuse sexual misconduct, ever.  It is never okay.  Using power and prestige to get what is not yours is never okay.  We do not excuse what has happened.  There are consequences to all of our actions.  That is the day of reckoning.  It is just beginning.  I pray it changes our world…stand up for those who have no voice…for those who have been beaten down…for those who need a hand to hold…stand up Christians!  The day has come.IMG_0877



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