The Reset Button

I crave routine…there, I have written it.  It is out and I can’t help it.  If you asked me, I would probably tell you that I enjoy adventure and the excitement of spontaneity, never mentioning my desire for the routine and mundane.  But, when I am on vacation and out of the normal schedule of my life, I realize that my body and mind need the routine.

I would think that getting up whenever I wanted and taking my time to get started…not having a schedule of work or a day fully booked…not worrying about making my lunch or where I am to be…all of this would be welcome in an overloaded life.  For me, it’s simply not true.  It still comes back to the fact that I need and crave routine.  I can’t help it and I can’t deny it.

I miss getting up at the same time every day, working out according to a schedule, having the same breakfast, knowing the structure of my day, and wrapping my mind around it all.  I have also learned that I struggle to write when I am off my normal routine.  I had BIG plans for this vacation.  I was going to get up earlier than everyone else, which is my usual, and write every single day.  I managed to actually pull this off 2 of 5 days.  The words just don’t flow easily like I thought.  I, apparently, need and crave routine.

What I have also learned is that vacation gives me two new perspectives.  I realize that I need the reset in my life.  That’s what vacation is for me…a reset.  The other day, one of our devices at home wasn’t working.  I couldn’t get it to turn on or turn off.  What did I do?  I hit the reset button.  The same concept as the CTRL-ALT-DEL function.  And, it worked.  The reset button readjusted the settings and the device worked again.  For me, vacation is my reset button.  It allows me to get out of the rush of the 7 day work week.  It helps me to stop and rest and breathe.  I don’t eat the same things or constantly check my schedule.  I let other people decide where we go and what we do without a plan.  It is difficult but it allows me to stop for a moment and reset.

I have also learned that I am truly grateful for my life.  I am grateful for the early morning exercise, the joy of the smell and taste of fresh brewed coffee, the nutritional food prepared by my wonderful wife, the rhythm of work and church, and the blessing of watching my beautiful children grow.  I am grateful for family and friends that love and support each other.  I am grateful for each new day in all of its glory and all of its struggles.  I am grateful.IMG_1077

In the end, this week has been an important reset in my life.  I look forward to returning to routine.  And, I look forward to what God has in store.


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