The Rhythm of Life

Life has a rhythm…sometimes it is felt in staccato…sometimes in the rest…but most of the time, the rhythm is most appreciated in the regular, seemingly mundane half and quarter notes of 4/4 time…even among the whole notes.  For it is in those notes our lives are composed.

I felt this rhythm or the lack of it on my first week out of routine.  I’m not in denial of a routine…it is part of me…  From the rising in the morning to the fuel for the day to the setting of the sun…it is my routine and it is beautiful.  It can’t always be as it is, though.  The song changes, the timing shifts, there is a turn of the page.  What happens when routine flow is no longer routine?  At first, confusion…seemingly scattered thoughts…incoherent ideas…the haphazard life that has been avoided through the routine…but the routine isn’t always possible.  Eventually a new song begins to form…a new work of art…a masterpiece of its own…a joyful set of notes that comes together when least expected and a new rhythm is set into motion.  Had the first not been interrupted, the new might have been missed.  This is the joy of the journey.

Sometimes changing rhythms is scary…turning the page can be unsettling…changing the pace can be unnerving… But if you are willing to move forward, the new song is also a gift.  There is gratefulness in the song, whether a deeper, more solemn tone or an uplifting, celebratory tune.  There is something to learn, something to enjoy, something to take hold of, something that becomes a part of your overall score…your life’s masterpiece…your music for the world to hear and experience that can change the landscape of those around you.  Your music can inspire and uplift…it can flow with those who are struggling…it can show love as it carries others away to another place and time.  Your music, your rhythm is important…God created this song, this score…he composed the notes.  We just have to trust that the composer is there…conducting, leading, turning the pages, traveling the journey…with…us.  Life has a beautiful rhythm…don’t miss the notes


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