Be careful what you post

I often get surprised when I read Facebook.  It is an open forum where people can post anything – regardless of whether they should have said it or not.  I often wonder if people actually read their words before they post them.  What bothers me is that I think people really do read what they post and still do it.  There seems to be so much hate expressed lately.  One post in particular really got to me recently.  It was from a person that I know seeks to follow Christ.  The post, though, was filled with hate for something that they didn’t agree with.  The image was disturbing.  I am not saying that as Christians, we should not post how we feel.  I am not saying we are not entitled to our opinions.  I am saying that we should filter what we post through the lens of Christ.  I try to follow the same advice when I speak.  I struggle keeping my mouth closed quite a bit.  But, I really find no excuse not to filter what I post since I can read and consider it before I actually press the post button.

To be honest, that isn’t even what disturbs me the most.  What really gets to me is that Christians actually feel and believe the things that we post.  The whole idea of loving God and loving neighbor seems to really be an issue.  It is so easy to say but when there is hate in our heart, it doesn’t leave room for love.  Jesus tells us to love our neighbor – and doesn’t say that we get to pick the neighbor we love.  He doesn’t say we have to agree with our neighbor.  He doesn’t say that we have to be like our neighbor.  But, he does say that we are to love our neighbor.  And, putting things on Facebook that display hate is just not okay – EVER.  It isn’t loving our neighbor.  Even if it is a joke and it is “funny” it is NEVER okay.  Hate eats away at us.  Hate fills the places that are reserved for God.  Hate leads us to take actions that are not at all where Christ would lead.

Maybe we should spend a few extra moments – pray before we post – and let God lead.  I don’t know…seems to be what we should do with our whole lives.  I don’t think our Facebook account is exempt.  And, may it begin with me.

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