Perspective Shift

They say that you never know what you have until it’s gone.  I somewhat disagree.  I think that you really realize what you have when there is the realization that it could be gone in the blink of an eye.  You know those life changing moments where you realize that what is here today could be gone tomorrow and your perspective begins to change.  I think it changes even more as I get older.  As a young person, considering the end of life is difficult…it is as if I will live forever and all things will just continue until then.  But, there is something about aging.  While I am still “young”, my perspective is definitely taking a shift.  My friend gets hit by a car on his bike and found out he has cancer.  A young 16 year old is dying from cancer.  My Dad has been gone for 1 year after his battle with cancer.  My oldest daughter is driving and dating.  My youngest is cheering and growing up.  And…I hit a milestone birthday.  I’m always excited about birthdays…I am in way better shape now than 20 years ago.  I feel great and am thankful.  I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful, loving family.  This 40th birthday is exciting…but doesn’t come without me considering that each day is a gift.  I approach 40 with eyes that are opened a little more than usual…I am blessed if I just look around.  I approach 40 with ears that are a little more attentive…I can hear the voices of those I love if I just listen.  I approach 40 with my mouth closed a little bit more often…what I say isn’t nearly as important as what I do.  Words are super important…but most effective when backed up by actions.

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